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2-2, Ichigayasadohara-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
162-0842 JAPAN
Tel: (81) 3-5229-7911
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1986 JUL - ELMEX is established in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo.
NOV - All-purpose Culture Medium Dispenser [Pro・media AP-111] released.
1988 MAY - Auto injecting Specimen Agar mixing System [Pro・media AP-211] released.
NOV - Development of Feces Collection Tube suitable for mechanized treatment.
(in conjunction with The New Technology Development Foundation)
1989 JAN - Exclusive manufacturing rights grant to Nittetsu Mining Co., Ltd. for
the Pro・media AP-211. 
Developed a Super Schlieren Device in conjunction with the Department of
Electronic Engineering at Tokyo University.
(a team project with Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.)
1990 JAN - Dr. Riichi Sakazaki assumes position as Technological Advisor.
JUL - Diluted Sterilized Water [Pro・media MT Series] released.
(Exclusive manufacturing rights grant to Fuso Pharmaceutical Industries, Ltd.)
1992 APR - Automatic Dilution System [-1000] released.
Chromogenic Enzyme Substrate with Sterilized Medium [Pro・media MT-30] released.
1994 JAN - [Homogenizer [Pto.media SH-001] released.
1994 FEB - Swab Test Kit [Pro・media ST-15] released.
1995 AUG - Quality Control Support Software [MTS-1.0] released.
1996 FEB - Small-sized bacteriological examination culture containers and qualitative bacteria
measuring equipment recognized by the Tokyo New Technology Development Project.
JUN - Quality Control Support Software [eQC-2.0] released.
1997 SEP - Small size bacteriological examination culture containers and qualitative bacteria
measuring equipment recognized by the Creative Business Activity Promotion Project.
Followed by the success of the [iSac Image Analyzer].
1998 SEP - Nutrient Agar for Coliform group & E.coli detective simultaneously tricolor
[Pro.media Tricolor] released.
2000 JUL - Sterilized filter bag  for Homogenize [PYXON-20] released.
2001 JUN - Development contract for a fluoroimmunoassay system with Canon Chemicals Inc.
Coli form group & E.coli detection water-quality test certified as one of the
Standard Methods for water testing. 
AUG - Exclusive sales rights for the [Aqua Test] grant to Wako Pure Chemical Industries, Ltd.
2002 JUN - [Dispensing Swab Test Kit [Pro.media ST-25] released.
2003 MAR - Chromogenic Enzyme Substrate with Sterilized Medium [Pro・media ST-SSP] for ST-25 released.
AUG - Development Bank of Japan issued the right to purchase stocks.
2004 APR - Shanghai (China): ELMEX Shanghai Limited established.
Swab Test Kit put under OEM contract.
2005 JAN - Automatic weighing dispensing device [DT cube] released.
MAR - Image analyzer iSac V released.
Homogenize [PYXON-30] released.
JUN - Participate in the ASM(American Society for Microbiology).
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