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Making food safer and bringing you peace of mind…

In July 1986,
ELMEX was established as a manufacturer of biotechnology equipment.
Since then, through extensive research and development, ELMEX has created reagents, testing kits, equipments and information
systems that are simpler to use and yield quicker results.
As a manufacturer of biotechnology equipment, ELMEX is committed to making food safer and continues to strive to bring you peace of mind.

ELMEX group of products are designed to meet the strict quality control regulations demanded by the Japanese food industry and are regarded highly the world over.

Demand for our products is growing daily and we have concluded an OEM contract to supply our highly popular Swab Test Kits to an international corporation based out of America.
In addition, we will begin offering our entire range of superior quality products to the worldwide market, including our ultra-fine image analyzer, testing kits, and a full lineup of reagents.

In order to achieve this goal, we completed the construction of a fully equipped chemical-capable factory in Shanghai in June 2004 that will act as the worldwide supply center for our various testing kits.
In an industry where the manufacturing of products requires the development of technologically advanced information systems, access to large scale productions facilities, and specialty production know-how, we hope to use our strong alliances with worldwide industry leaders and our firm base in Japan as a starting point from which to expand.

>From Japan to the Rest of the World !

By keeping our products simple, quick, and affordable, ELMEX strives to make food safer and bring you security.
We unwaveringly press forward in our mission to bring smiles to the faces of people around the world.

President Kazuo Shiraiwa

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