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■Swab Test

The instruments and materials necessary for the swab test, like as a container, dilution water and swab stick, are sterilized and ALL-IN-ONE.
The swab sample solution is ready by returning the swab stick after swabbed to the container. Amount of note of sample solution can be done to a plate and a medium without the pipette because Scale has adhered.

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Pro・media ST-25 / Pro・media ST-26

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< application example >


(1) The cotton bud and the sterilization dilution liquid for wiping off were sealed up, and the kit of a disposable type.
(2) The rigidity reinforced cotton axis of φ4mm can firmly wipe the inspection part off.
(3) The pouring function has adhered(Patented), and it has the following each function.


Product name Pro・media Swab test kit
Length of Swab stick 95mm 155mm
when extending it
95mm 155mm
when extending it
Content PBS
0.9%NaCl 10mL
1.0%Peptone 10mL
0.1%Peptone 10mL
Package 400(10pcs ×10 boxes × 4 shrink pack)
Irradiation γ-ray
Material Cap Polypropylene
Bottle Polyethylene
Swab Stick Polypropylene Polypropylene
& Polycarbonate
Polypropylene Polypropylene
& Polycarbonate
Fiber Rayon

■Example of using

Rayon boll section is squeezed and it begins wiping off.
Reach to a secluded or narrow place with ST-26.
The length of ST-26 swab stick is 155mm including cap.
1mL is dropped to a plate or a Petrifilm™(3M™)while seeing the line of the amount of the scale
that adheres to the bottle side.

Two drops can be dropped to applying because one drop is about 50μL and Conrarge be applied.
<How to use>

■Application example

【Quantitative test】

Because ST-25 can inject the sample solution into a plate and a direct
medium, the pipet is unnecessary.

One drop is about 50 micro liter.

The cost can be saved.

Dangerous exclusion of the contamination.

【Qualitative test】

Open the top lid from the cap of the SWAB TEST, then inject it with Pro・media ST-SSP.

ST-25 that the medium enters is cultured for 24 hours by 35〜37 degree.

In the coliform group in a red color from purple, E.coli is blue .

【Example of quantitative test】 【Example of Qualitative test】
The medium uses ST-SSP
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