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Chromogenic enzyme substrate broth, Lauryl sulfate X-GALEMUG Broth ProEMedia XM series

Medium for coliform group and E.coli test simultaneously. There is liquid medium and powder agar medium. Choose according to the purpose from various kinds.

Catalog for XM series and print(PDF)


Listed in Standard Methods of Analysis in Food Safety Regulation 2004

Speed up

(1)Coliform group and E.coli can be examined simultaneously by color and light.
(2)Detectable in 24 hours.(At BGLB it takes 48 hours)
(3)No need for additional tests or confirmation tests using EMB medium etc.

Cost cut, Simple and easy

(1)Durham tube is unnecessary.
(2)Thermostatic water tank is unnecessary.
(3)No need preparation of the medium and cleaning test tube. (Except XM broth)
Please prepare BL-02 (ultraviolet lamp of 366 nm) for E.coli test.


  1. Coliform group and E.coli can be tested simultaneously in a single medium.
  2. As compared with the conventional method, you can test in the 1/3 of the time (24 hours).
  3. Different from the conventional method, you don't need a confirmation test and additional test.
  4. That can be cultured in the incubator, so it is unnecessary to use a thermostatic water tank required for EC medium.
  5. Sterile medium in a container (XM-30, XM-31, XM-32, ST-SSP) doesn't need to prepare.
  6. You can check the positive bacteria in color and fluorescence.
How to use (XM-30, XM-31, XM-32)


Code No. Use Sample volume Qtty Reagents
XM-30 simultaneous inspection of coliform bacilli and E.coli 1mL 10mL/cup X-GALMUG
XM-31 10mL Double density 10mL/cup
XM-32 5mL Double density 5mL/cup
XM0001 8.5gL/AL bag (preparation use)
IND0101 Indole test 100pcs/bottle p-Dimethylamino benzoic aldehyde
GLU0101 -Glucuronidase test 100pcs/bottle X-GLUC


  1. Coliform group positive
    -galactosidase, an indicator of coliform group, is lactase fermentation enzyme, which exists in coliform group that lactose is fermented.The enzyme substrate X-GAL is hydrolyzed by this lactose fermentation enzyme, and forms 5,5-Dibromo-4,4-dichloro indigo, thus turning blue ~ blue-green.
  2. E.coli positive
    -Glucuronidase, an indicator of E.coli, is a peculiar enzyme present only in intestinal bacteria except Salmonella and Shigella, and 95% of E.coli has this enzyme. When this -Glucuronidase is hydrolyzed by the enzyme substrate MUG, 4-Methylumbeliferon disengages and decomposes,then shows fluorescence with irradiating by UV light (wevlength:366nm). This fluorescence can be observed under indoor light.
  3. Indole test
    Tryptophanase@activity or the ability to form indole from tryptophan is present in 95% E.coli strain. the indole test is an auxiliary test for detecting about 5% -Glucuronidase-negative E.coli rarely present.
  4. -Glucuronidase test
    Raw animal meat and fresh seafood contains -Glucuronidase. A coliform group test based on a light-emitting enzyme substrate (MUG) may produce fluorescence thus showing a false-positive reaction, even if E.coli is not present. The -Glucuronidase test is an auxiliary test for checking this false indication of positive reaction.
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