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¡ ProEMedia Agar "Tricolor" for Coliform group, E.coil simultaneous detection

Listed in Japanese Food Hygiene Inspection Guidelines (2004)
Colonies are distinctly colored
Coliform and E.coli are colored on a red and blue transparent agar respectively,
thus allowing for easy identification.
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œ E.coli positive

ƒÀ-galactosidase is a specific enzyme found only in E.coli among enterobacteria, except for Salmonella and Shigella. It is present in 95% of E.coli.
The chromogenic enzyme substrate X - GLUC is hydrolyzed by this ƒÀ - glucuronidase, and colored blue ~ purplish-blue.

œ Coliform group positive

ƒÀ - galactosidase produced by coliform hydrolyzes the coloring enzyme-substrate complex MAGENTA-GAL, creating red ~ purplish colonies.

ƒ ‹ZpŽ‘—¿ „
Product name ProEmedia Agar Toricolor
Code No. XMA-01N XMA-400
Volume 7.85g/pouch~40/box 400g/bottle
Composition Sodium lauryl sulfate, Magenta-GAL, X-GLUC, others
Preparation Dissolve 39.3g in 1L or 1 bag (7.85g) in 200mL of purified water under heat (100Ž) or perform autoclave sterilization. (Please use up on the prepared day.)
Mixing method Pour sample and Agar-tricolor in a plate and mix rapidly and gently.
Spread method Inoculate by spreading the sample material thinly on the surface of the plates.
Incubation 24 hours at 36Ž
*Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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