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From specimen sampling to microbe inspection that employs a chromogenic and fluorescent enzyme substrate, ELMEX uses its proprietary technology know-how to develop a wide range of products such as expendable supplies, testing kits, and devices.

Furthermore, using data collection/analysis information processing technology as a business model,
ELMEX has made advances towards establishing a network-based business.

From conception, to development, to the final stages of manufacturing, ELMEX boasts innovative ideas and a speedy development time for creating cutting edge technology. ELMEX continues to challenge itself by striving to create microbe inspection products that are even faster, even simpler to use, and even further innovative.

Ready-made Sterilized Dilution Water

Pro・media MT・MV series
(phosphate-buffered saline solution)

Dilutions are now disposable! Preparing for dilutions in the laboratory become now a much simpler task. From sample solutions to serial dilutions, valuable staff time can be saved by avoiding manual preparation. Vibrio parahaemolyticus dilutions are also available.

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Swab Test Kit

Pro・media ST series
(sterilized dilution included, dispensing function available)

Due to the inclusion of a dispensing cap, specimens can be dropped into the medium without a pipette. With a ready-made medium, ST-SSP(X-GAL・MUG medium) or other ready-made medium, like as sheet or dry medium is used, testing can be performed via a direct swab sample.

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Ready-made Sterilized Liquid Medium

Pro・media XM-30 series
(Chromogenic enzyme X-GAL・MUG liquid medium, qualitative Coliform group & E.coli detection simultaneously.)

The media is pre-sterilized and no preparation is necessary. After incubating at 35℃〜37℃ for 24 hours, a change of color and fluorescence will indicate the results. A shift in coloring from light yellow to blue-green will indicate the presence of coliform group, where was E.coli can be detected by fluorescence it to 366nm ultraviolet rays.

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Hygiene & Environmental Testing Swab kit Swabstar

Swabstar and Extension
(self contained swab and diluent system)

Due to the inclusion of a dispensing cap, specimens can be dropped into the medium without a pipette. With a ready-made medium, ST-SSP(X-GAL・MUG medium) or other ready-made medium, like as sheet or dry medium is used, testing can be performed via a direct swab sample.

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Culture media (Agar)

Pro・media Agar “Tricolor”
(Sodium lauryl sulfate Magenta-GAL・X-GLUC culture media (agar), Quantitative Coliform group & E.coli detection simultaneously.)

After incubating at 35℃〜37℃ for 24 hours, and count colonies.The coliform group is the red colony, and the E.coli group is the blue colony. Other intestinal bacteria will be the white colony. Bacteria can now be identified by color.

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Feces collection kit

Pro・media FC-20 series
(transport or preservation medium, revised Cary-Blair medium included)

Since it has a teardrop-tipped applicator, it is quite simple to collect the sample and to coat on the medium. Traceability is assured with a two-dimensional barcode model also available.

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Culture media (ready-made dry medium)

Easy Plate
(There are 4 types. For aerobic count/ For coliform count/ For E.coli & coliform count/ For Staphylococcus aureus)

EasyPlate is a ready-made dry medium alternative to the conventional agar media for food bacteriological tests.
It is simple, easy and compact saving time and effort, and improving accuracy while reducing laboratory waste.

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Automatic Dilution System

Pro・media DT cube
(for creating sample stock solution. microcomputer and electronic scales on-board.)

When the specimen is placed in a homogenizer bag, the sterilized dilution can be automatically dispensed at a level of dilution of your choosing, Saving you valuable time. Disposable dilutions and self-made dilutions can also be used.

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Pro・media SH-UM
(includes the homogenizing device and a crushing paddle)

The specimen and sterilized dilution are placed into a homogenizing bag to be homogenized. The unique ebonite crushing paddle (patented) is effective where traditional flat paddles have failed, and is even able to crush specimens containing fish paste products and sliced products.

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Pro・media AP-001
(Peristaric Pump Method)

This device effectively and rapidly automates the dispensing of liquid mediums and dilutions into test tubes, or of nutrient agar into Petri dishes. A digital timer is used to set the amount of medium to dispense, and an interval timer is used to adjust the rate at which the medium is dispensed.

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Sterilized Bags for Homogenizer

Pro・media PYXON series
(for use with Homogenizer Specimens, both with or without filters)

The use of a very fine filter reduces the homogenized specimen from unwanted residue, thereby increasing the accuracy of the results. The pull-down type PX-20 (patented) keeps the pipette free from contamination.

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Sterilized Sampling Bags

NASCO Whirl Pak Bags
(for use in the sampling, transportation, and preservation of specimens. Utility wire included.)

After the specimen has been inserted, turn the utility wire to create an airtight seal and close the bag. The bag is made of polyethylene, which is strong enough to seal inside even a completely liquid specimen.

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