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■Sterilized Bags for Homogenizer

For using to homogenize specimens, with or without filters.
It’s easy to write data on the white print with an ordinary ballpoint pen, pencil, or felt-tip marker.

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 PX0020, PX0020P, PX0020S, PX0020M
  1. The use of a very fine filter keeps the homogenized specimen reduce unwanted lees.
  2. Easier to open with a wide filter opening. Sample inlet is also wide.
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  1. Very economical filter bag.



MODEL FEATURE Qty/box Bag size Capacity
PX0030 Most economical filter bag 500pcs 190x300mm 400mL
PX0020 Pull down type for a micro pipette use. (patented)
This type keeps the pipette free from contamination thereby increasing the accuracy of the results.
190×300mm 400mL
PX0020S For spiral plating method use.
It is equipped with a sealing for holding lees of the sample when moving the homogenized sample to another sterilized container.
500pcs 190×300mm 400mL
PX0020P Plain type for a measuring pipette use.
It has neither an opening for pull-down or sealing for holding lees of the sample.
500pcs 190×300mm 400mL
PX0020M Small size filter bag 1000pcs 114×190mm 80cmL
PX0010 Plain homogenize bag without filter. 1000pcs 180×300mm 400mL
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