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■Sterilized Bags for Homogenizer

For using to homogenize specimens, with or without filters.
It’s easy to write data on the white print with an ordinary ballpoint pen, pencil, or felt-tip marker.

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 PX0020, PX0020P, PX0020S, PX0020M
  1. The use of a very fine filter keeps the homogenized specimen reduce unwanted lees.
  2. Easier to open with a wide filter opening. Sample inlet is also wide.
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 Magic Cut series PX0010C, PX0030C
  1. There is a Magic Cut processing on one side of the bag, you can cut by hand from anywhere.
  1. Insert the micropipette from the cut slit, and suck specimen up. It does not contaminate the body of the micropipette.
  1. Economical bag.
*Magic Cut is a Registered trademark of Asahi Kasei Pax Corp.


MODEL FEATURE Qty/box Bag size Capacity
PX0030 Plain type for a measuring pipette use. 500pcs 190x300mm 400mL
PX0030C Plain and economical type with Magic Cut. 500pcs 190x298mm 400mL
PX0020 Pull down type for a micropipette use. (patented)
This type keeps the pipette free from contamination thereby increasing the accuracy of the results.
190×300mm 400mL
PX0020S For spiral plating method use.
It is equipped with a sealing for holding lees of the sample when moving the homogenized sample to another sterilized container.
500pcs 190×300mm 400mL
PX0020P Plain type for a measuring pipette use.
It has neither an opening for pull-down or sealing for holding lees of the sample.
500pcs 190×300mm 400mL
PX0020M Small size filter bag 1000pcs 114×190mm 80cmL
PX0010 Plain homogenize bag without filter. 1000pcs 180x300mm 400mL
PX0010C Plain homogenize bag with Magic Cut, without filter. 1000pcs 190×298mm 400mL
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